Unicorns, the youngest group in Ruoholahti consisting of children aged 1-2.5 years old, went on a trip last week. Since this is the youngest group in the nursery, workshops designed specifically for this group are not very common. However, the teachers in the group, keep a keen eye on any specials events being organized in the city, especially catering to this age group. Linda, one of the Unicorn teachers spotted one such special event called “baby dancing”  being held at Annantalo, Centre for Art education, Helsinki.

The teachers quickly got together to plan a trip. All the minute details were planned out. Some of the parents were also invited to join the workshop, if they could.

On the day of the trip, the children and teachers were very excited. First at the Metro station, the little ones kept exclaiming “metro” whenever they spotted the orange metro. The new scenes and the company of their friends was so enjoyable that they did not realize how quickly they reached Annantalo.

At Annantlao some of the parents were also waiting to join the group. The children were very excited to meet their parents. The workshop was conducted by a professional supervisor. There were different kinds of movements especially suited for children at that stage of development. The Unicorns, moved and danced with great enthusiasm. It was indeed a delightful sight, with lots of little children taking the center-stage.

The fun, excitment and dancing had tired out the children a bit and on the way back there were lots of children napping in the pram.  It was indeed a very enjoyable trip for the children and teachers alike. Carousel Nursery School team would like to extend a big thank you to all the parents who joined the workshop.