In February children from the Dragons group in Ruoholahti nursery visited the Lego Art Exhibition at Iso Omena, Espoo. The trip was undertaken because of children’s interest in Legos and their ongoing project on construction.

Preparing for the trip

Needless to mention the children were very excited about the trip. There were discussions about the upcoming trip during circle time. In preparation for the trip the teachers also reminded the children of the rules to follow to keep safe during the trip.

Journey to Iso Omena

Iso Omena is a big shopping mall in Espoo and to get there the children and teachers needed to use the metro. Children followed all the rules while walking to the metro station. Once at the metro stop they enjoyed looking at the digital display for train timing and waited patiently for their metro train. In the metro there were lots of fun moments. Some children also enjoyed looking at the newspaper together. While some chatted and looked out through the window.

Enjoying the displays

Once at the mall, the children enjoyed going through the different Lego displays. There were displays of their favorite cartoon characters, animals, miniature train station and much more that the children enjoyed looking at. They went through every detail of the displays.

Learning experience

The trip was a great learning experience for the children. Firstly, it formed part of their construction project. Secondly going through the various displays raised their awareness about the different ways Lego bricks could be used for building. In this way the trip aimed to boost the development of their creativity. While following rules for keeping safe on the trip and helping each other the children also learnt about collaboration and team work. Once back at the nursery the children and teachers discussed their experiences. This helped in promoting the development of their language skills. The trip was indeed a great learning opportunity for the children and teachers alike.