Preschool children from Carousel Nursery School, Olari visited the Christmas market at Senate Square in Helsinki.  Children and teachers were very excited about the trip. This was a great way to add to the spirit of Christmas that could already be felt in the nursery.

At the Christmas market

Upon reaching the Senate Square in Helsinki where the Christmas Market is organised the children first had their snack so that they could have ample energy to explore different stalls there. Once finished with their snack the children and teachers went around the Christmas market and explored different stalls. There were stalls selling handicrafts, Christmas decorations, special Christmas delicacies and a lot more for the children to explore.

The highlight of the trip was a ride on the Carousel. Children enjoyed it a lot. However, the fun did not stop there and children’s joy knew no bounds when they saw Santa Claus. Children and teachers also bought fresh homemade donuts for their special afternoon snack from one of the stalls.


The trip as a learning experience

Through the trip the children not only got a chance to immerse themselves in the spirit of Christmas but it also offered different learning opportunities to the children. By taking the public transport and holding their partners’ hand children practiced the rules for keeping safe when outside the nursery. At the stalls they got a chance to explore handicrafts and decorations produced locally. Upon getting back to the nursery children shared their experiences from the trip and this gave them opportunities for self-expression.

It was indeed a memorable trip for children and teachers alike.