October is usually the month when Circus Finlandia visits the capital region. The Ponies group which consists of children aged 5 years up to Preschool visited circus Finlandia this year. The children and teachers were rather excited about the trip. The children and teachers discussed the rules for keeping safe when outside the nursery.  

Getting there 

Children took the bus and metro to reach circus Finlandia.  While on public transport they followed all the rules of keeping safe. They held their partners’ hands and patiently waited for their turn to catch the bus and metro making sure not to disturb the other passengers. 

At Finlandia Circus  

Children really enjoyed watching the circus.  Children were clearly enthralled by the acrobats, jugglers, troop of women dancing with hoops and many other performers at the circus. Watching the circus became even more fun in the company of friends.  

Sharing thoughts  

Once back from the circus, children and teachers got together during circle time.   Children took turns to describe their favorite part in the circus. Most of them enjoyed looking at the acrobats. There were also interesting observations that the children shared like – 

“the horse looked sad” 

This led to a discussion on why they felt that the horse looked sad. 

The trip as a learning experience  

The trip was not just an opportunity for the children to visit the circus together with friends. It also provided children different learning opportunities. During the trip the children learnt to follow rules for keeping safe while on a trip. Discussing their observations after the trip gave children opportunities for self-expression.  While listening to each other’s observations children developed their listening skills and learnt to wait for their turn to speak.