In the end of August, Carousel Nursery School Olari  had its first parents’ coffee morning of the term. Parents’ coffee morning is a great opportunity for parents to spend time at the nursery with their child/children and to interact with other parents. It also provides opportunities for the teachers to interact with parents.

The coffee morning usually takes place for a couple of hours in the morning. Teachers organize a healthy breakfast for the parents. Children also make their contribution to the coffee morning. Teachers gather children’s ideas on what they would like to prepare for their parents. The afternoon before the coffee morning, the children bake together with the teachers. They enjoy mixing and measuring ingredients.


Parents’ coffee morning is not only an opportunity for parents to interact with each other and spend time with their child and the teachers. It also offers children a sense of accomplishment when they can bake goodies themselves and offer them to their parents. Mixing ingredients offers children opportunities for sensory exploration. Measuring ingredients also helps in promoting the development of their mathematical abilities.  Children also enjoy showing their parents their favorite games, toys and books at the nursery.

Children mixing ingredients for the banana cake

In nutshell coffee mornings provide a great opportunity for parents, teachers and children to interact with each other.