In September the Tigers group at Olari nursery arranged a visit by two firemen from the Länsi-Uudenmaan Pelastuslaitos (Länsi-Uusimaa fire safety department). Children’s interest in fire trucks was initiated during the fire drill. An ongoing project by the Tigers group on ‘modes of transport’ and children’s interest in fire trucks provided teachers a perfect reason to invite two firemen for a visit to the nursery.

Circle time with firemen
The children were very excited about the firemen’s visit. First the firemen joined the Tigers group and later the preschool group at circle time. They gave the children important information on the steps to follow during a fire. The firemen also talked about their work lives as fire fighters. Children were also full of questions which the firemen answered patiently.

Firemen join for circle time

Exploring the fire truck
After an interesting circle time, it was time for the children to see an actual fire truck from inside. The fire truck was parked outside the nursery. The firemen let the children explore the fire truck and also all the equipment. The firemen let the children wear their masks and hold the safety hose. They also let the children walk inside the fire truck and explore it.

Firemen’s visit as a learning opportunity
Firemen’s visit provided the children with various learning opportunities and experiences. Children learnt about safety. They also had interesting interactions with the firemen who answered all their questions. These interactions gave children various opportunities for self-expression. Last but not the least children had a chance to explore an actual fire truck and firemen’s equipment.
The firemen’s visit also extended children’s learning on their ongoing project on ‘different forms of transportation’.