In September children from the Yellow Tigers group in Olari visited the Matinkylä beach. The beach trip coincided with children’s ongoing project ‘different modes of transportation’. Children’s interest in water transport provided a perfect reason to organize the trip.

Preparing for the trip

Needless to mention there was considerable excitement among the children about the trip. At circle time during the week the children and teachers discussed the rules to follow while on a trip. This was also very important as the plan was to use public transport to get to the beach and back.

Getting to the beach

The bus ride with friends and teachers was great fun. During the short bus ride children chatted with each other and enjoyed looking outside through the window.  After a short walk across the woods everyone could get to the beach. When children spotted the beach ahead some of them exclaimed:

“I see the beach”

“look at the blue water”

“I can see the boats in the water”


Exploring boats and the beach

Once at the beach, children were quite excited about the boats. The group chose a quite spot to sit ensuring that everyone could observe the docked boats closely. Children and teachers spent time observing different boats.

The group took a short walk around the beach. Children also observed life rings, ropes that help dock the boats and the rudder of the boat. These also aroused children’s curiosity and some of their observations were:

“boat goes forward by using the rudder”

 look, this is a life ring”

 it saves us in the water”

Recreating scenes from the trip and sharing experiences

After getting back, children painted scenes from the trip. They tried to recreate their experiences using different mark-making materials. Children also enjoyed discussing their experiences and observations with each other.

Learning experience

The trip was mainly organized with children’s ongoing project “different modes of transportation” in mind. It offered children opportunities to explore boats and other equipment that are part of the beach. During the trip children also learnt to follow rules to keep safe while on a trip. Drawing images from the trip and sharing experiences offered them various opportunities for self-expression. Listening to each other’s observation and experiences gave children opportunities to develop their listening skills.