This group caters to children aged 1 to 2 years. There are also a few places for under 1 year olds in this group. The Unicorns are the youngest children in the setting. There are three different rooms available for the children from this group. Two of the rooms are used by the children for free-play and other activities while one room is reserved for meal times. In all the three rooms the layout provides for lots of soft and cozy corners. There is also a lot of focus on visual stimuli. Low furniture, floor toys, colourful mattresses and cozy spaces provide children opportunities for relaxation as well as activity. Sensory exploration is promoted through various materials like sand, playdough, paint, jelly, water, leaves, twigs and other natural materials. Rhymes and songs are used extensively by educators to promote children’s linguistic development. Children have constant access to books made with tactile materials.

After the Major expansion undertaken at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti  it has been possible for us to create an Indoor gym for children in Ruoholahti nursery.  Different groups in Ruoholahti use this indoor gym every week. Children from the unicorns group also use the gym area. The group also has constant access to an indoor play area within the nursery that is full of soft mattresses, a ball pool and soft cushions. Creation of this indoor play area has also been made possible after the Major expansion undertaken at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti

Children at this stage have a very strong need for comfort from an adult. Our qualified team of educators is well equipped to understand their verbal and non- verbal cues. The team works together to extend the best possible care, comfort and stimulation to the children. To know more about the educators in this group, meet the Ruoholahti team.