This group consists of children aged 5 -7 years. The younger and older children in this group are often split into different groups for certain sessions. In August 2017, Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti extended its existing capacity in order to provide a seperate facility to specifically cater to children in this age group. The environment allows for children to be spontaneous as well as participate in structured activities. Lots of different materials are extended to children and they interpret them using their own experience and understanding, thereby making them co-constrtuctors of knowledge. Simple conversations and play situations lead to the development and extension of project ideas.

Children constantly make use of different materials for extending their mark making ideas in a well stacked art area. Exploration of different objects and concepts is encouraged by making use of the light table and the science table. Children engage in games and activities with varied levels of difficulty to improve their understanding of mathematical concepts. Children have constant access to a cozy book corner stacked with lots of colourful books. Story time, rhymes, dance and drama sessions are all done regularly to promote children’s linguistic development. The children in this group also undertake weekly trips to explore topics of interest.

Physical activity and relaxation are both encouraged. The children make weekly visits to the gym and dance studio . Children in this group also have the option to attend climbing and ice-skating sessions every season. To practice relaxation, the children also try simple Yoga techniques along with their educators.

This group also caters to the preschool children. The Preschool curriculum is followed in this group. The focus is on supporting the development of independence, listening and problem solving skills as children approach school.

Our qualified team of educators actively listen to and observe children. They investigate topics of interest together with the children and both become equal collaborators in the quest for knowledge. To find out more about the educators in this group, meet the Ruoholahti team .