This group caters to children 3.5 and 4 years old. There are also some children close to 5 years of age in this group. Children have access to different materials which they can explore and interpret during free play. This free play and exploration forms the basis for recognising children’s interests and project ideas are developed together with the children. The environment for children at this age mainly consists of extending various different materials for markmaking, construction, role play and sensory exploration. Simple games, puzzles, the light table and books are also provided to promote the development of math and literacy. Focussed group activities are undertaken, to explore different topics that interest the children. Apart from using space within the nursery,the children make weekly visits to the gym. Climbing , ice-skating  and ballet sessions are also undertaken by children.

Our qualified team of educators make use of their interactions and observations to identify children’s interests. Different projects are then used to extend children’s learning. To find out more about the educators in this group meet the Ruoholahti team.