“When we first moved to Finland from the U.S., one of our primary concerns was finding a good daycare program for our daughter. A friend recommended Carousel Nursery, and upon visiting we were immediately impressed by the warmth of the staff and their child-centered teaching philosophy. We decided to enroll her, and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. During her years at Carousel she made friends, strengthened her English language skills and grew to have a very positive feeling about school and learning. She is now continuing her English education at Espoo International School, and her younger brother has started his journey at Carousel. The teachers have been very patient and encouraging as he has settled in, and work hard to build a sense of community among the children. They plan many fun outings and events and do interesting projects that engage the children in learning. We are grateful to the teachers for the positive impact they have had on our children, and would recommend Carousel to any family looking for a high quality English language daycare”.

Kristen and Janne TuominenAlex Tuominen’s Parents

“We speak three languages at home, and upon moving back to Finland wanted our daughter to attend a english speaking nursery. A friend recommended Carousel and we were lucky to get a place from Olari with a short notice. We cannot recommend Carousel enough, the staff are fantastic, they really do love the kids, which is why Laura liked going to Carousel each day. Any concerns or worries we had about our daughter, staff were always available for a chat. We also appreciated the constant information flow via daily email updates and weekly summaries

We had no idea she would learn so much within the year she spent at Carousel. She is now always singing different songs, dancing and telling stories, but best of all she loves painting with fingers and water colours, We were really happy at the amount of different activities they have during the week

Unfortunately our daughters stay at Carousel was cut after one year as we relocated back abroad, but she is still asking after the friends she made and staff from Carousel. And if she was happy at Carousel then we are as well”.

Valentina and Juho Koponen(Laura’s parents)