The educators and children embark upon their learning journey by exploring different topics of interest. Various projects are undertaken to investigate topics of interest. A variety of activities are done to cater to the developmental needs and interests of different children within the group. Paint, playdough, sand, water, twigs, leaves and other natural materials are explored regularly. Art activities, construction equipment and role play materials offer children interesting opportunities to develop their play. Books and rhymes are also used extensively by educators to promote children’s linguistic development. Children also participate in cooking sessions regularly. The presence of children belonging to different age groups means that children are encouraged to interpret different materials according to their own knowledge and experience. The older children in the group often undertake trips to explore topics of interest. The older children in the group are encouraged to lead their younger counterparts during nursery routines and other activities.

Each child in the group is assigned a key teacher. The key teacher is responsible for arranging settling in discussions with the child’s primary carers at the initiation of care. The key teachers also hold parent teacher discussions at least twice a year.To find out more about the educators in this group meet the team .