Yet another new term started in August and the teachers and children have started the term with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. To begin with, the teachers have been helping the children settle down into the routines of the nursery.

Sessions & exploration

Although the term has started recently, the teachers have been able to start various sessions with the children in their respective groups. The children have done many sensory exploration activities. Physical education sessions have been done at the gym, in the park and in the nursery. Children have created beautiful artwork using different kinds of material. Abacus and jolly phonics sessions have already started. Preschool sessions have also begun.


Learning about the community we live in, is an important part of the curriculum at Carousel Nursery. The trips undertaken by the children are carefully planned to meet this objective. The older children in some of the settings have already been on trips. The teachers will be planning trips for the younger children as well during the upcoming months.


Last but not the least, it is thrilling to share that the company has expanded its capacity in Ruoholahti. A separate facility has been created for the older children in Ruoholahti. The facility caters especially to children aged five years and above. This expansion could be undertaken due to the relatively stable financial position of the Nursery School, which in turn is due to its popularity with customers.

Carousel Nursery School team hopes to keep up the good work and meet customer expectations by offering high quality childcare to all the children under its care.