This summer a major expansion of Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti was undertaken. The expansion has given the company an opportunity to redesign certain parts of the nursery and provide more space for all the five different groups in the Ruoholahti setting. The redesigned Ruoholahti setting has been operational since 1st August 2018.


Professional help was sought in redesigning different parts of the nursery. Some major changes have been brought about. The number of rooms available for use with the youngest group, Unicorns have been increased from two to three. An indoor play area has also been created within the nursery. This area has been specifically designed keeping younger children’s need for physical movement in mind. A huge ball pool, colorful soft mats and other play equipment have been provided to offer children different opportunities for physical movement.


Due to the expansion it has also been possible to add a gym facility within the Ruoholahti setting. All the different groups in Ruoholahti use the indoor gym within the Ruoholahti setting for their physical education (PE) sessions.  The colourful gym is also used for different parties and celebrations. The spacious gym gives children many opportunities for inter-group interactions especially during festivals and celebrations.

Gym in Ruoholahti setting

The kitchen has also been extended to better accommodate the demands of all the different groups in the Ruoholahti setting. The kitchen has also been equipped with a bigger oven, an additional refrigerator and freezer and many other appliances which will eventually enable the company to offer children nursery cooked food with fresh ingredients. The children are already being served nursery cooked lunch twice a week.


The groups Dragons and Ponies consisting of children aged 3.5 years until Preschool now have five rooms for use. More space is now designated for engaging in specific activities like reading, project work, role play, science activities, art and free play. The older children also have a separate space for eating.

While redesigning the setting the architects have tried to ensure that children have constant access to natural light. This has been done by ensuring that the rooms used by children have large windows facing the outer side of the building.

The expansion of Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti has helped in making the setting more spacious. It has also helped in providing more space for children in individual groups and adding to existing facilities. These steps taken by the company are all directed towards extending high quality childcare to all the customers.