Preschool children and other older group children from the Ruoholahti nursery visited Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth, Helsinki.
The trip was undertaken for the children to attend a Lego city workshop especially organized for them. The workshop was done by an instructor and the children participated in it with great intrest and enthusiasm.

Children listening to the instructor intently

Idea behind organizing the workshop
As part of their preschool sessions the children and teachers had discuused topics like design and buildings. The workshop was seen as an intersting way to extend children’s learning in the area.



Main learnings from the workshop
The workshop not only helped the children learn about buildings and design but it also helped them in developing many other skills.
During the workshop the childen were also asked to work in pairs with their friends. This helped develop their ability to collaborate.
A large part of the workshop involved listening to instructions given by the workshop instructor an this encouraged the development of their comprehension and listening skills.
The children were very excited about the city they had built together, using Lego bricks.