After the major expansion undertaken at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti, it has been possible to extend an indoor gym facility for children within the Ruoholahti setting.  The floor of the gym is covered with colourful soft mats, in order to avoid any injuries. There are also soft cushions of different colours, that children can jump on or use for relaxation. Educators plan different age and stage appropriate physical education (P.E) sessions for the children in their group and use the indoor gym for these sessions. They also use different equipment like colourful parachute, balls, hoops and other equipment in order to offer children a variety of stimulating PE sessions.

The gym in the Ruoholahti facility is also used by the children on special occasions like parties and celebrations. On party days children from all the groups gather in this spacious gym to enjoy circle time, dancing and different party games. The gym provides children in the Ruoholahti nursery various opportunities for inter-group interactions.

May day (Vappu) party in the Ruoholahti gym