The children and teachers at all the settings of Carousel Nursery School, had a week full of fun as they celebrated Halloween. Lots of activities and experiences were planned for the children in all the groups. The nursery itself was redecorated and one could find witches, spider’s web made with paper and all kinds of spooky things in everywhere.

Week full of fun activities

Throughout the week, the children were engaged in different activities. The youngest children enjoyed simple craft activities like making spiders, bats,ghosts, pumpkins, witches broom and much more. The children also talked about Halloween during circle time.The water tray, which is which is a huge favourite with children of all ages was also filled with different interesting things like green water to extend an interesting sensory experience to the children. The light table was also laid with objects that corresponded with the Halloween theme.

Green water

Halloween Party

A week full of celebrations culminated in the party day and all the nurseries were full of children and teachers dressed in interesting costumes. There were pumpkins, witches, princesses, batmen, spidermen, bumble bees, kitty cats, ninja turtles and many more interesting characters all around the nursery in different shapes and sizes.


The children and teachers, dressed in their beautiful costumes enjoyed the party day with a big circle, face paint, dance and party games. The older children also helped their teachers carve out the jack o lantern.


Trick or treat

Trick or treat at Elixia gym

All the children, from all the settings also went trick or treating on the party day and managed to get some fun and interesting treats from the local shops, cafes and offices.

Special snack

Party day snack was special and spooky too, snacks were decorated as frog’s eyes, spiders and witches broom. In one of the settings children also helped teachers bake pumpkin bread.

Helping with Pumpkin bread

Experience and learning

Children experienced the spirit of Halloween though different activities and experience, which in turn helped promote different areas of their development. Art and craft activities aimed at promoting the development of children’s fine motor skills and offered many sensory experiences. Dance and games promoted children’s ability to listen to instructions and move gross motor skills. Special snacks on Halloween helped children experience new and different tastes. Talking about their costumes and listening to their friends helped promote linguistic development. To sum it up the entire Halloween experience extended many learning opportunities for the children and teachers a like.