In February children from the Dragons group in Ruoholahti nursery visited the Lego Art Exhibition at Iso Omena, Espoo. The trip was undertaken because of children’s interest in Legos and their ongoing project on construction. Preparing for the trip Needless to mention the children were very excited about the trip. There were discussions about the […]

  Preschool children and other older group children from the Ruoholahti nursery visited Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth, Helsinki. The trip was undertaken for the children to attend a Lego city workshop especially organized for them. The workshop was done by an instructor and the children participated in it with great intrest and […]

Unicorns, the youngest group in Ruoholahti consisting of children aged 1-2.5 years old, went on a trip last week. Since this is the youngest group in the nursery, workshops designed specifically for this group are not very common. However, the teachers in the group, keep a keen eye on any specials events being organized in […]

As the new term began in August, the children made new plans to explore interesting topics. Observing children’s interest in sea creatures, the teachers and children decided to explore the topic in detail. It was a matter of great excitement for the children that one of the main exhibitions in the Helsinki Night of Arts […]

Following children’s curiosity in science, the teachers and the pre-schoolers at the Ruoholahti nursery, decided to undertake a trip to Heureka Science centre. The Heureka science centre, is a non-profit organisation run by the Finnish Science Centre. It is located in Vantaa, in the capital region and features various interactive exhibitions to improve understanding of […]