The children from Kivenlahti nursery visited Espoo’s famous Glims museum, this autumn. The upcoming trip was discussed during the previous weeks at circle time and the children seemed very excited about it. The children were also repeatedly made aware of the rules to follow for keeping safe while on a trip. The trip A rainy […]

The children from the Kivenlahti nursery visited the Haltia Nature Centre in Espoo. One of the parents at the nursery reccomended the place to our tecahers. The children were very excited about the trip and it was already a topic of discussion during circle time. The teachers took time to talk about the upcoming trip. […]

This autumn, the older children from the Kivenlahti branch of Carousel Nursery School, visited the Museum of Finnish Architecture. The Museum of Finnish Architecture was specifically chosen because throughout the autumn term the children and the teachers have been collectively working on a project called “grand design”. The children were very eager to undertake the […]