Falling falling, younger children explore the concept of gravity

Falling snowflakes and observation of children’s fascination with them became the starting point for this provocation. This provocation was done with children in the age range of 2.5 -3.5 years.

The room –The provocation was arranged by the educators in the circle room of the Ruoholahti nursery. The room was chosen because of children’s familiarity with it. In order to provide sufficient time for children to engage in the provocation, they were split into groups of three. This also enabled the educators to carefully observe each individual child’s learning process.

The provocation – Objects of varying weight like feathers, scarf, soft toy and wooden musical instrument were carfully selected for children to drop. A large soft block was placed in the centre of the room so that children could climb on it and stand safely to drop the various objects.

Exploring materials – Upon entering the room, different children were attracted to different objects and began exploring them. Once the exploration was over, the educators encouraged the children to stand on the soft square block and drop the objects.

Children’s reactions – The children enjoyed dropping different objects to the floor. Depending on the level of their linguistic development, the children used verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. There was alot of excitment and interesting conversations followed. Children expressed their understanding of what they thought was happening. The educators on their part carefully observed and noted children’s reactions and planned the next steps for extending their learning.