Tooth fairy project

This project was done with children aged 5 years until preschool.

The starting point of this long-term project was when a child announced, “My tooth is wobbly and will come out…”.  This led to discussions on what happens to our teeth when they fall off. Children had different explanations. Some of them were –

“The Tooth fairy took it from the cap and she did leave money. 1 Euro!”

 “Tooth fairy takes it”

 “She makes it into a tooth potion and when you drink it your hair turns into teeth and teeth into hair”

“Tooth fairy gets it and leaves a shiny coin”

Talking about tooth fairies – This led to more discussions on tooth fairies and the children started visualizing what a tooth fairy looked like. There were also discussions on how tooth fairies move around. Some children suggested tooth fairies use wings, while some others added it could be motorbikes. Eventually this led to discussions of a tooth fairy land.

Tooth fairy drawn by a child

Creating a tooth fairy land – Children learned about reusing different materials through the junk modeling display they created together. Children brought cartons and other reusable materials from home that they used to build their tooth fairy land. Using different materials like glue, glitter and paint provided children opportunities for sensory exploration. Children also used age appropriate scissors for cutting different shapes. This provided them opportunities to experiment with their fine motor skills. Lastly the ongoing work on the tooth fairy land was a great opportunity for children to share their ideas and collaborate. Children kept adding to the big tooth fairy display throughout the year as they came up with different ideas.


Christmas concert – Children also chose tooth fairy and tooth fairy land as the theme for their Christmas concert.  Children decided the script for the concert that they starred in.

Christmas concert

Tooth fairy’s slippers – After Christmas a child brought new indoor slippers. The group decided not to throw away her old slippers and reuse them instead. The child wanted to decorate them and make them into tooth fairy’s slippers. She started with paint and moved onto the craft table with glitter, glue, buttons, glitter glue and topped it all off with some glittery stickers.  Magical!!

Tooth fairy’s slippers