Sounds, a project by 2 – 4 year olds

This project was undertaken with children in the age group of 2-4 years. The main aim of the project was to help children explore the wonders of music and different types of sounds around them. The project also aimed at exploring what emotions different sounds brought among the children. Throughout the project educators were guided by children’s voices and ideas to plan the various activities and provocations.

Exploring sounds from different sources

Toys from the toy box – To begin with, children took instruments from the toy box and explored them in detail. The educators made audio recordings of the different sounds as the children played the instruments.

Painting with music – The children also painted, as music played in the background. The activity gave the educators an opportunity to observe the affect of different kinds of music on children’s painting technique and choice of colours.

Exploring sounds in the nature – The woods near the nursery provided a great opportunity to the educators and children to explore sounds in nature. They walked through the woods and listened to the sounds of birds. Apart from this children also heard recordings of sounds of raindrops, waves and wind.

Art activities – Many different art activities were done by the children to explore sounds. Bubble painting with straw and listening to the sounds made by blowing bubbles was one of the activities done by the children.

Making musical instruments – Children made musical instruments using different recycled materials. They made shakers and maracas. Xylophones were made using glass bottles, beads, string and sticks. Drums were also made using shoe boxes and decorated with silk paper.

Exploring sounds during daily routines – This involved, exploring different sounds children made as part of their daily routines. Audio recordings were made of the sounds produced while children played floorball at the park. Music sessions involved listening to the guitar. Story sessions were done using puppets and each charecter had a different voice.

Trips – The children and the educators also undertook two different trips to extend their learning on the project. They visisted the WeeGee house in Tapiola and the nature centre in Haltia, Espoo. They also visited the local libary to explore the sound of silence.

Spring concert and orchestra – The final journey with the sounds project was made at the annual spring concert. In a section titled ”the sound of the Carousel Orchestra” the children played the musical instruments they had made using recycled materials. Playing self made instruments gave the children a great feeling of accomplishment and self-belief.