At Carousel Nursery School, we understand the importance of introducing children to ICT in a meaningful way. That, technological proficiency will be important to our children both in the present and future is our firm belief. However, we are not unaware of the common criticism against technology, that if not used in the appropriate way, it tends to make children lazy and unimaginative. It is primarily to counter this criticism against the use of technology that at Carousel Nursery School we have chosen game systems and devices that allow children to interact with technology instead of just watching a certain program lead them. Interactive whiteboards, bluebots and Osmo game system are some of the interactive devices we use in our settings.

Our commitment to introducing technology in a meaningful way is further exemplified by the fact that ipads have been bought for each individual child in our preschool groups. Children use these i-pads during their ICT sessions. Osmo  game system forms an important part of the ICT session for our preschoolers. It is also proven to initiate children’s interest in literacy, Maths and Physics.