The annual spring concert is usually held in the month of May. Children play a central role in determining the theme for the concert. They also take an active part in developing the script for the concert and the dances they would like to perform.  Children also actively participate in designing and making the props that they wear for the concert. In other words the spring concert also reflects our child-centered approach.

Through the experience of taking part in the concert, the educators aim to extend many different learning experiences to the children. The experience of working together to develop the theme and script for the concert is aimed at extending opportunities for the development of children’s listening skills and ability to collaborate. Different dances they perform help children in experimenting  with different ways of moving their bodies and is aimed at promoting the development of their gross motor skills. Various songs that children sing and the dialogues they narrate help in extending opportunities for the development of children’s  language skills. While creating different props for the concert children use many different materials like glue, glitter, paint and feathers to name a few. Working with these materials offers children various opportunities for sensory exploration. Doing different craft activities offers children many opportunities for the development of their fine motor skills. Last but not the least presenting the concert in front of an audience offers children confidence and a huge a sense of accomplishment.

If the weather permits the spring concert is held in an outdoor location like the amphitheater outside the Finnish National Opera House. However, since we cannot predict the weather, the individual settings always make alternative plans to have the concert in an indoor setting. Due to rain the spring concert for Ruoholahti for 2019 was held indoors. Here is a glimpse of the spring concert.

Children from the Penguins group presenting their concert on the theme ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.