In the month of May, Carousel Nursery School held its annual spring concert at the Finnish National Opera House waterside amphitheatre. Luckily the rain held off and despite the sun remaining hidden, it didn’t diminish the energy which was nothing less than electric. All the settings of Carousel Nursery School had their performance the same day.

Our approach towards the spring concert was to include the children as much as we could in every aspect of the concert. They had a voice when it came to the roles they were to play in the concert, the songs they were to sing, and the dances they were to dance. They likewise contributed to writing the scripts as well as designing and constructing the props.

Apart from working together on the props, the script, songs and dances, in the song. The experience of putting together the concert, contributed to many areas of children’s development. The various dances helped them experiment with different ways of moving their bodies. Singing different songs lead to their lingusitic development. The children displayed great teamwork during the concert.

It was indeed a very proud moment for the educators and children. It was also an emotional moment as many of the Pre-school children moved on to start formal school . We consider ourselves fortunate to be given an opportunity to take care of these children and accompany them on their learning journey.