Christmas concert

Older children from Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti celebrated their Christmas concert this year at Caisa cultural center. The theme of the concert coincided with preschool children’s long term project on ’countries of the world’. Children sang songs and danced on music from various countries of the world. There were songs from India, China, Russia and also from Latin American countries.


Preparing for the concert

Children were very excited about the concert. They practiced for the concert with a lot of enthusiasm.  Since, they already had an ongoing project on the ’countries of the world’, they really enjoyed singing songs from different countries of the world.  Children learnt to move their bodies on music from different parts of the world.

The concert day

Children were rather excited about showcasing their diverse skills at the concert.  They enjoyed narrating from their script, singing and dancing. The idea was for every child to feel special about their varied talents.

Concert as an experience

The concert aimed at extending various  different experiences to the children. Children got a sense of accomplishment by showcasing their dancing and singing skills on stage. Working together for the concert and putting up a show together aimed at encouraging their ability to collaborate. Going together on the stage and  performing with each other promoted team spirit and a sense of camaraderie.