On Saturday the 28th May, Carousel Nursery held its annual spring concert at the Finnish National Opera House waterside amphitheatre.  Luckily the rain held off and despite the sun remaining hidden, it didn’t diminish the energy which was nothing less than electric. With a mixture of nerves and pure excitement, we were all captivated by every setting’s performance.

Our approach towards the spring concert was to include the children as much as we could in every aspect of the concert. They had a voice when it came to the roles they were to play in the concert, the songs they were to sing, and the dances they were to dance. They likewise contributed to writing the scripts as well as designing and constructing the props.

The main theme that echoed through every setting’s performance was the true meaning of friendship and how to be a good friend. The superheroes from Olari captured it best when they said “It’s important to remember to talk and listen to each other. By understanding one another we can make the universe a better place. By asking for help when you need it we can make new friends. By working together, we can do great things”.