We provide high quality experiences for children. These experiences are built on the following set of CAROUSEL key values:

Collaborative learning

Children are encouraged to develop their own theories about the world and how it works and to explore these collaboratively in great depth. Children are viewed as co-constructors of knowledge, learning alongside other children and adults through working in partnership with them. When children work on a project of interest to them, they will naturally encounter problems and questions they will want to investigate.

Amiable nursery

Our aim is to create an amiable nursery where children, educators and parents feel at ease and happy.

Recording children’s learning

We aim to make the process of how children learn and what they are learning visible. Much attention is given to detailed observation and documentation of learning. The learning process takes priority over the final product.

Observation of children’s interests and concerns

Our observations help us to guide and extend children’s learning. From our careful observation and dialogue, we understand that children naturally and actively engage in the search for meaning and, in doing so, are in constant process of constructing meaning. We put children at the heart of the learning process ensuring that they are fully involved in planning and reviewing their learning and that they can engage in meaningful exchanges with adults and other children in such a way as to extend their ideas and viewpoints.

Understanding how we learn

Children and adults explore ideas together, learning from one another and building their knowledge and understanding together. Transcriptions of children’s words and dialogues, photographs and drawings are used for groups of adults and children to reflect on the learning that is taking place. Our documentation enables children, educators and parents to share each other’s learning.

Self-esteem, safety and security

A positive self-image and high self-esteem give children the confidence and security to make the most of opportunities, to communicate effectively and to explore the world around them. Feeling safe and secure helps children to become confident learners. Self-esteem of both children and adults is supported and developed through knowing that their ideas, questions and explanations are important and worthy of discussion and consideration.

Exploration through play and projects

We plan starting points for the children to explore and provide open-ended resources that encourage the children to develop their own thinking and ways of learning.

Listening to children’s voices

We pay careful attention to what children say. Listening to children provides us with many valuable insights and understandings as well as helps us to focus our attention on the ways in which children make sense of their world. We aim to listen to the hundred or more languages of our children, both verbal and non-verbal, and try to recognize and value all forms of expression and communication.