In addition to following the Pre-school curriculum for the preschool children in our nurseries. We also offer extra help to the children under our care through this school readiness club. The club is intended for 5 year olds and pre-school children. The club serves a dual purpose, as it is intended for children looking to secure admission in international schools in Helsinki and Espoo. Furthermore, the club is also intended for those children who might need to relocate to other countries and start school earlier than 7 years of age.

To maintain high quality and ensure attention to every child, the club size is restricted to small groups. The activities done during the club include vocabulary building, listening comprehension and speaking exercises. A weekly homework is also provided to the children. The club meets after nursery hours and lasts for about an hour. There is an additional charge for the club and enrolling their childrenĀ to the club is optional for parents. We have received a very positive response to the club ever since we first started it.