The children celebrated Chinese New Year, and marked the onset of the year of the rooster with lots of fun activities and experiences. To extend a memorable learning experience for the children many interesting activities and provocations were planned.

The role play area was turned into a Chinese restaurant and different props were brought to supplement children’s play and imagination. Some very interesting interactions could be observed between the children, as they pretended to cook Chinese food, developed their menu for the restaurant and also gave customers the option of takeaway food.

Many interesting art and craft activities were done by the children, from all the different groups. Masks, Chinese lanterns, dragons, rooster, were part of the artwork the children did around the theme. Children and teachers also talked about China. Special games like finding the rooster, finding about the Chinese horoscopes were some of the games the children played along with the teachers.


A very special part of the celebration was a small show called “dance the dragon dance” prepared by the older children in Ruoholahti. Children worked together to learn their part. They also worked on a big dragon mask along with their teacher Adel. The audience consisted of younger children from the nursery. Preschool children from Olari nursery also reenacted the story ” Jade King and his animal race”. It provided the children a wonderful opportunity to work together as a team.

Special snack

A special snack was enjoyed, to mark the celebration. Spring rolls, noodles and special Chinese snacks were part of the menu. In one of the groups the children also tried using chopsticks.

Learning experience

One of the main aims of celebrating different festivals is giving the children an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Different art and craft activities were aimed at promoting the development of children’s fine motor skills and offer them sensory experience of using different art and craft materials. The show put together by the children provided them with a great opportunity for self expression through drama and dance apart from it being a great opportunity for team work.

It was a great learning opportunity for children and teachers alike.