An important element of the curriculum at Carousel Nursery School is to learn about one’s immediate environment and the local community. One of the ways this is accomplished is by undertaking trips to different places of interest within the Helsinki region. In August the children from Dragons group in Ruoholahti undertook a trip to Annantalo to visit the comics exhibition, ‘Loota’. The children and teachers were rather excited about the trip. Nevertheless, the rules for maintaining safety while on a trip were thoroughly discussed during circle time.

Travelling to Annantalo

Children went to Annantalo using public transport. They quite enjoyed sitting alongside each other and looking at the city scenes outside. The group displayed great ability to follow rules of safety like holding partner’s hands and taking turns to get on and off the bus.


At the exhibition

Children and teachers spent time looking carefully at different displays. They also spent time looking at comics and books while exploring different spaces. Children spent a lot of time playing inside the little house created especially for young visitors.

Children engaged in interesting interactions while trying out masks of various comic characters. Children also spent time drawing with colored chalks on the blackboard.

Children as photographers

Children were encouraged by the teachers to take photos of the exhibits that they liked the most. This was done to enable a more meaningful discussion of what they saw and why they liked it. The children enjoyed taking photos with the mobile phone camera.


Trip as a learning experience

The trip helped in offering different learning experiences to the children.  By taking public transport and walking together to Annantalo the children practiced keeping safe and listening to instructions.  They also helped each other and held their partner’s hands displaying a great spirit of partnership.

The exhibits offered children an opportunity to explore comics and different characters, which could contribute to promoting the development of language and literacy. The children also got a chance to engage in mark-making which gave them opportunities for self-expression. Last but not the least discussing what they liked about the exhibition using the photos taken by children helped in promoting their ability to express themselves.