Children from the Dragons group aged 4-5 years at Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti visited the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in April. The trip was mainly organised to introduce children to three dimensional (3D) art-forms. Kiasma was also chosen as the place to visit because at the museum visitors are encouraged to produce their own artwork in order to get a first hand experience of engaging in art activities. Therefore, the trip was intended to give children opportunities to not only see different works of art but also actively engage in creating artwork.

Preparing for the trip

Since this group has been undertaking field trips regularly, children in this group are quite familiar with the rules to follow while outside the nursery on a trip. Nevertheless,  the teachers and children discussed these rules at circle time before the trip.

Striking a pose in front of the colourful art installation

At the museum

At the museum children explored various art installations and exhibitions. They really enjoyed exploring the art installation with various coulurful tactile materials. Children also got a chance to explore some of the materials. Then many children wanted to strike a pose in front of the colourful installation.

Children also got a chance to practice sketching their own version of a 3D sculptor that they saw at the museum. They spent time sketching the picture of the sculptor of a naked lady.

Sketching the picture of a sculptor

Trip as a learning experience

Apart from giving children an opportunity to learn about 3D art forms the trip extended opportunities for children’s learning in many areas. Exploring different materials of the colourful and tactile installation offered children opportunities for sensory exploration.  Sketching the picture of the sculptor not only offered children opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, it also improved their ability to focus on an activity.  After returning to the nursery children displayed their artwork by putting it up on the wall of Dragons’ room. This not only gave them an opportunity to talk about their creations but also a sense of self accomplishment.

After getting back from the trip children shared their experiences and at circle time also expressed what they found most interesting at the museum. This in turn offered children many opportunities for self-expression.  Taking public transport to and from the museum and holding their partner’s hands while walking was also meant to offer children opportunities to practice following rules for keeping safe when outside on a trip.

Exploring sensory materials together