In January, older children from the Dolphins group, at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti aged 2.5 -3 years undertook a trip to the Lauttasaari library. The trip was also the first trip of Spring term for the children. Children and teachers were rather excited about the trip.

Getting to the library

Children took public transport to get to the library. It must be mentioned here that children from this group do not undertake trips as frequently as the older children in the nursery.  Given this, the children did a great job. They followed all the rules of keeping safe while outside on a trip. They also sat very nicely in the bus.  While inside the bus, children enjoyed looking outside through the window, sitting alongside their friends.The short walk from the bus stop to the library through the snow covered paths was also greatly enjoyed by the children and teachers.


At the library

Upon reaching the library, children were rather excited about exploring all the books and toys there. Children spent time looking at the colourful books and playing with the toys at the library. Children also chose the books they wanted to borrow from the library and promised to take good care of them.


Together in the metro 

While on their way back to the nursery, children took the metro. They enjoyed sitting alongside each other. By listening to teachers’ instructions and standing behind the yellow line while waiting for the metro the children learnt to follow rules for keeping safe. It was indeed a very enjoyable trip for the children and teachers alike.

Trip as a learning experience

The trip aimed at providing various learning experiences to the children in the group.  Children learnt to follow the rules for keeping safe while on a trip. Visiting the library helped the children get acquainted with their local community, which is also an important aim of the curriculum.  Furthermore, they enjoyed looking at different books, which can potentially help in  promoting the development of language and literacy among children.  Trips also help in developing children’s social skills as they  learn to help and support each other . Last but no the least trips help children enjoy and share experiences together.