In the month of May children from the Dolphins group at Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti visited the Fire museum in Helsinki. The museum provides visitors a glimpse of Helsinki rescue department’s history. Just like the previous trip where children from the Dolphins group visited the Natural History Museum, this trip was also part of children’s long-term project on ‘animals travelling around the world’. As is evident from it’s name, the project includes two themes that of animals and transportation. This trip was organised because of children’s interest in fire trucks and their interest in finding out what happens in case of a fire.

Getting there

Younger children in the group were driven to the museum in Carousel Nursery School’s minibus. Older children and teachers took the metro and the bus to get to the museum. While walking for short distances during the trip, children held the rope and walked along with their partners.

At the museum

Children enjoyed exploring different parts of the museum. They really enjoyed seeing a real fire truck. They also enjoyed looking at models of firemen from old times, their uniform and the equipment that they used. Children were also quite mesmerized by the long water hose used by firemen that was kept rolled up in the museum.

Children were also very excited about seeing an ambulance from inside. Children and teachers also got a chance to watch a short film on fire rescue. The short film helped increase children’s and teachers’ awareness on what to do in case of a fire.

Trip as a learning experience

Through the trip children not only learnt about fire trucks, fire safety and things to do in case of a fire, the trip was also a means of extending different learning experiences to the children. Children from the group became more familiar with the rules for keeping safe while outside the nursery on a trip. Teachers and the older children in the group took the bus and metro to get to the museum which helped in developing older children’s independence and sense of confidence. Children also learnt to hold their partner’s hands and follow rules of safety while outside on a trip. In the days following the trip teachers and children also discussed what they liked about the museum which gave the children many opportunities for self expression. Listening to each other offered them opportunities to develop their listening skills.

Last but not the least the trip offered both children and teachers some memorable experiences.