During the spring term children from the Penguins group aged 3-4 years in Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti visited Sea Life in Helsinki.  Sea Life was chosen as the destination for the trip because it coincided with the group’s long-term project titled ’under the sea’.  Observing children’s interest in marine life specifically sea creatures, the teachers decided to take up the topic as a long-term project. The group has been learning about marine life this year through this long-term project. They have done different activities related to this project.

The idea behind undertaking the trip was to get the children to actually see all the different sea creatures they have been discussing about, drawing and seeing pictures of throughout the year. Sea Life located in Helsinki has different exhibits of sea creatures and marine life in general. Therefore, it was the ideal destination for such a trip. As part of art work related to the long-term project, children have drawn octopuses, jelly-fish, crabs, star-fish and many other sea creatures.  A trip to Sea Life provided the children a perfect opportunity to actually see these sea creatures.

Preparing for the trip

While children and teachers were both excited about the upcoming trip, important matters related to safety and good behaviour were discussed by the teachers during the weeks before the trip.  During circle time teachers and children also discussed the rules to follow while on a trip. They talked about holding their partner’s hands and sitting nicely in the bus without disturbing their co-passengers.

At Sea-life

At sea-life children were excited to see the different sea creatures that they had discussed about as part of their ’under the sea’ project. They saw star fish, jelly fish and different kinds of fish.

Children also saw the model of a submarine. Observing children’s fascination with the submarine, the teachers decided to extend this interest further. In the ensuing weeks,  children and teachers worked on making their own submarine using  recycled materials. The children enjoyed gluing, sticking and painting the different parts of their own submarine. After completing the submarine they also enjoyed sitting inside it and using it as a cozy area.

Trip as a learning experience

Apart from the experience of seeing various marine creatures, the trip also provided children different learning experiences. The children aged 3-4 years learnt to walk together with their partners and to follow the safety rules while on a trip outside the nursery. To get to Sea Life, children and teachers took the tram and bus. Sitting together on public transport, provided children various moments to observe their surroundings and express these observations which in turn helped in extending opportunities for development of their verbal self-expression skills. Last but not the least during the trip children and teachers shared valuable moments of friendship and joy.