In June 2018, Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti started a minibus service to transport children from the Ruoholahti setting to the park. It was observed that children were spending considerable time travelling to the nearest playpark which is located further away from the nursery. This meant that children were left with little playtime at the park. Given the situation, introducing a minibus service to transport all the children from the Ruoholahti setting to the park appeared to be a good alternative.

The minibus service serves various purposes. Firstly, it saves the time children and teachers would spend walking to the park. This in turn gives them more time to play outdoor in fresh air. Secondly, it also helps in offering children an experience that they look forward to every morning. The children seem very excited about the minibus ride as it gives them an opportunity to sit alongside their friends. Preparing to sit in the minibus is also a time for children to learn about safety and the importance of keeping the seat belt fastened while travelling in a vehicle. The minibus has been fitted with age-appropriate child safety seats which enables us to ensure the safety of all children under our care right from the youngest to preschool age children. For the younger children, Unicorns, Dolphins and Penguins the seats are fitted with impact shield for extra safety. The minibus is driven by Jonathan, Kerstin, Rob and Tino on different days of the week.


The minibus service will also be used for undertaking weekly trips with the children. Undertaking trips is an important part of the curriculum at Carousel Nursery School as it is a means for children to acquaint themselves with their immediate environment. Therefore, the minibus service will also enable the nursery in meeting the aims of its curriculum.

In nutshell the company hopes that offering the mini-bus service will bring it closer to achieving it’s aim of offering high quality childcare to all the children at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti.