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Olari children visit Matinkylä beach

In September children from the Yellow Tigers group in Olari visited the Matinkylä beach. The beach trip coincided with children’s ongoing project ‘different modes of transportation’. Children’s interest in water transport provided a perfect reason to organize the trip. Preparing for the trip Needless to mention there was considerable excitement among the children about the […]


Olari nursery teachers invite firemen for an educational visit

In September the Tigers group at Olari nursery arranged a visit by two firemen from the Länsi-Uudenmaan Pelastuslaitos (Länsi-Uusimaa fire safety department). Children’s interest in fire trucks was initiated during the fire drill. An ongoing project by the Tigers group on ‘modes of transport’ and children’s interest in fire trucks provided teachers a perfect reason […]

Children from Olari nursery visit Glims museum

Preschool children from Olari nursery visited the Glims museum in September. The trip was especially organized on the day children at Olari nursery celebrated Harvest. Glims museum is in a preserved area where farms and holdings were located in the middle ages.  The preserved farm area at the Glims museum was considered a great place […]

Parents’ coffee morning at Carousel Nursery School Olari

In the end of August, Carousel Nursery School Olari  had its first parents’ coffee morning of the term. Parents’ coffee morning is a great opportunity for parents to spend time at the nursery with their child/children and to interact with other parents. It also provides opportunities for the teachers to interact with parents. The coffee […]


Ruoholahti preschoolers celebrate Moscow day

An important element of the curriculum at Carousel Nursery School is to extend children’s knowledge of different cultures. Multiculturalism is encouraged in different ways. Different settings of Carousel Nursery School celebrate festivals from various cultures. However, this learning is also an ongoing process as the nursery has children and teachers belonging to various cultures and nationalities. […]

Children from the Dragons group visit comics exhibition at Annantalo

An important element of the curriculum at Carousel Nursery School is to learn about one’s immediate environment and the local community. One of the ways this is accomplished is by undertaking trips to different places of interest within the Helsinki region. In August the children from Dragons group in Ruoholahti undertook a trip to Annantalo […]

Art gallery evening at Ruoholahti Nursery

Art gallery evening was organized at Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti in early April. The idea behind the evening was to showcase children’s artwork done in relation to different projects undertaken during the year. Parents of children from all the different groups were invited to the evening. Preparing for the gallery evening In the gallery evening […]

Holi celebrations at Olari Nursery

Children at Carousel Nursery School, Olari celebrated Holi with lots of enthusiasm. Holi is a festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent. It marks the arrival of spring. It is also a day to meet friends and celebrate by smearing each other’s faces and clothes with colours. Sweets and goodies are exchanged and there is lots […]