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Indoor gym for children in Ruoholahti nursery

After the major expansion undertaken at Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti, it has been possible to extend an indoor gym facility for children within the Ruoholahti setting.  The floor of the gym is covered with colourful soft mats, in order to avoid any injuries. There are also soft cushions of different colours, that children can jump […]

Children from the Dolphins group in Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti visit the Natural History Museum, Helsinki

Children from the Dolphins group aged 2-3 years visited the Natural history museum in April. The trip was undertaken as part of the group’s long-term project ’animals travelling around the world’. The Natural History Museum in Helsinki houses various exhibits centering around the theme of biodiversity in Finland and around the world. There are exhibits […]

School selection test results, Espoo and Helsinki 2019

School selection test results for various international and bilingual schools in Helsinki and Espoo, have been declared. We are pleased to announce that preschool children from Carousel Nursery School, Olari and Ruoholahti have done very well. Of all the children from Carousel Nursery School Olari who applied to the Espoo International School and different bilingual […]

Children from Penguins group visit Sea Life in Helsinki

During the spring term children from the Penguins group aged 3-4 years in Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti visited Sea Life in Helsinki.  Sea Life was chosen as the destination for the trip because it coincided with the group’s long-term project titled ’under the sea’.  Observing children’s interest in marine life specifically sea creatures, the teachers […]

Prechool children from Carousel Nursery School Ruoholahti visit Circus Finlandia

October is usually the month when Circus Finlandia visits the capital region. The Ponies group which consists of children aged 5 years up to Preschool visited circus Finlandia this year. The children and teachers were rather excited about the trip. The children and teachers discussed the rules for keeping safe when outside the nursery.   Getting there  Children took the bus and metro to reach circus […]