Entries by Jonathan Scott


Art gallery evening was organized at Carousel Nursery School, Olari in early February. The idea behind the evening was to showcase children’s artwork done in relation to different undertaken projects during the year. Preparing for the evening The children had been preparing for the evening with great enthusiasm. It gave them an opportunity to showcase […]

Lego city workshop at Arkki

  Preschool children and other older group children from the Ruoholahti nursery visited Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth, Helsinki. The trip was undertaken for the children to attend a Lego city workshop especially organized for them. The workshop was done by an instructor and the children participated in it with great intrest and […]

Expansion of Ruoholahti nursery

It is heartening to share that there has been an expansion of Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti. The new setting has been functional from 10th August 2017. The spacious facility overlooks the climbing area in Salmisaari Likuntakeskus and has huge windows, that make the setting exceptionally well lit. The environment is set up to cater to the […]

New term begins at Carousel Nursery School

Yet another new term started in August and the teachers and children have started the term with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. To begin with, the teachers have been helping the children settle down into the routines of the nursery. Sessions & exploration Although the term has started recently, the teachers have been able to […]

School selection test results, Helsinki 2017

The school selection test results for Ressu Comprehensive School have been declared. We are pleased to announce that 4 children, who attended the Preschool program at Ruoholahti have been selected. In all 5 children from the Ruoholahti Preschool took the test. The competition is very tough for the International baccalaureate stream for Ressu as it is […]