Art gallery evening was organized at Carousel Nursery School, Ruoholahti in early April. The idea behind the evening was to showcase children’s artwork done in relation to different projects undertaken during the year. Parents of children from all the different groups were invited to the evening.

Preparing for the gallery evening

In the gallery evening at Ruoholahti, the artwork of children from all the five groups at Ruoholahti was showcased. All the children, especially the older children were very excited about the upcoming event. They worked alongside each other and with their teachers in getting the displays ready.


Gallery evening

Children’s artwork was displayed around different themes primarily based on the projects undertaken by them during the year. There were displays on different themes, like dinosaurs, robots, pirates, sensory exploration, family and many more.

Different activity tables were also laid out for children. There was a construction table, a fishing table with toy fish in the water tray, different tables with materials for sensory exploration and even a small house for reading books.

Children and their younger siblings visiting the nursery during the gallery evening engaged themselves in activities laid out on these activity tables, while the parents spent time looking at the artwork and interacting with other parents and staff members.


Children’s development

Working on different projects and all the artwork helped in promoting children’s holistic development. While working together for the gallery evening, helped in developing teamwork among the children. Displaying their artwork gave children a sense of accomplishment.

The event also gave the parents an opportunity to interact with each other and the staff members.