The children from Kivenlahti nursery visited Espoo’s famous Glims museum, this autumn. The upcoming trip was discussed during the previous weeks at circle time and the children seemed very excited about it. The children were also repeatedly made aware of the rules to follow for keeping safe while on a trip.

The trip

A rainy day did not dampen the spirits of the children and teachers alike and the trip began with a short bus journey to the museum. At the museum, the children got a glimpse of how life was in the old times. They walked around a small village which was replicated to present life during old times. The children got to discuss, how people lived, prepared food and went about their daily lives. They were particularly amazed at how people transported themselves without cars. There was also a discussion around how life was managed in the long, cold and dark Finnish winters without electricity.

Learnings from the trip

The trip gave the children a glimpse of how life was without facilities like electricity, cars and other machines. They also saw various small and big tools and other artifacts that were used by the people in the old times.They were both amazed and excited about what they saw.

Besides the learning that took place, by going through the exhibits at the museum, children also benefitted in many ways from the experience of the trip itself. They learnt to keep safe, by following the rules of maintaining safety while on a trip. They got a chance to develop their listening skills, by listening to the various stories about life in the old times.

Last but not the least, discussing what they saw and how they felt about it, promoted the development of their language skills and ability to express themselves.

It was indeed a great learning experience for the children and teachers alike.